Small Partnership Traškuva was founded in Klaipėda in 2012. The idea to produce vegetable chips came because of the dream to make something unusual at that time in Lithuania. We wanted to offer people a great snack with a distinguished and natural taste. That is how we started producing not only ordinary potato chips, but also carrot, beet, parsnip, celery chips and their mixes. The secret of our high quality – only natural spices with no flavour enhancers or other additives, also, most of the vegetables that we use are grown in Lithuania. Our vegetable chips are a handmade product, so we can promise a snack made with love!

Intensively developing our activity and production, we are planning to expand our assortment even more in the near future.

The majority of our products are marketed in Lithuania, but we also export them to Latvia, Poland, England and Denmark.